Wyatt Earp (Legends of the Wild West) by Adam Woog

By Adam Woog

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It wasn’t considered policy to draw a gun on Wyatt unless you got the drop and meant to burn powder without any preliminary talk. indd 31 12/17/09 1:11:59 PM 32 WyATT eARP Dentist John Henry “Doc” Holliday (above) became a close friend of Wyatt Earp after Holliday saved Earp’s life during an argument. Holliday was said to be as fast at drawing his gun as Wild Bill Hickok. indd 32 12/17/09 1:12:02 PM Becoming a Lawman 33 life. This was a tall, slim dentist turned card player and gunman from Georgia.

Wyatt narrowly missed being shot, but Morgan was hit in the lower back. The bullet passed clean through him and into the thigh of another man. Virgil rushed to the pool hall from his home, and a doctor was notified. Morgan, who had been placed on a sofa in the pool hall, survived for nearly an hour after being shot. According to legend, just before he died, the injured man asked Wyatt a question: Who did this? Wyatt replied that he knew, and Morgan’s last words urged his brothers to find the killers.

Meanwhile, Frank McLaury shot Holliday in the left hip. Holliday’s holster deflected the bullet, so he was only grazed. Frank crossed the street, near the corner of the Harwood House and fired twice more, but a bullet (fired either by Morgan Earp or Doc Holliday) struck him in the base of his skull. Meanwhile, Billy Clanton was shot in the chest, abdomen, and arm. “Such Lightning-like Rapidity” The gunfight lasted only about 30 seconds, ending so quickly that the citizens of the town barely had time to realize what was happening.

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