Wowen fabric and ultraviolet protection by Polona Dobnik-Dubrovski

By Polona Dobnik-Dubrovski

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Assessment of an ultramicroelectrode array UMEA) sensor for the determination of trace concentrations of heavy metals in water

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During the making-up of a garment, the shear deformation is also indispensable for an intended garment shape. Shear rigidity G provides a measure of the resistance to the rotational movement of the warp and weft threads within a fabric when subjected to low levels of shear deformation. The lower the value of G, the more readily the fabric will conform to three-dimensional curvatures. If the shear rigidity is not enough, a fabric distortion will easily occur. So does the skewing or bowing during handling, laying up, and sewing.

Conference STRUTEX, TU of Liberec, pp. 89-92, ISBN 80-7083-891-4 Zheng, J. et all (2008). Measuring technology of the Anisotropy Tensile Properties of Woven Fabrics. Textile Res. , 78, (12), pp. , Amar, S. B. & Dogui, A. (2008). Experimental and numerical analyses of fabric off-axes tensile test. JOTI, Vol. 99, iFirst 2008, 1–11 European standard EN ISO 13934-1. Determination of maximum force and elongation at maximum force using the strip method CSN standard 80 0810 Zistovanie trznej sily a taznosti pletenin (Recognition of breaking stress and strain of knitted fabrics) 2 Mechanical Properties of Fabrics from Cotton and Biodegradable Yarns Bamboo, SPF, PLA in Weft Živa Zupin and Krste Dimitrovski University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Department of Textiles Slovenia 1.

16. Example of calculated and measured fabric stress at break. 4. Measuring of rupture properties Experiments always mean some scale of unification and simplification in comparison with fabric real loading at the use. To simulate real practical situations is not possible – it would result in too many different experimental methods. ). Nevertheless uniaxial and biaxial stresses are the most important forms of load for investigation of textile fabrics rupture properties. ) seldom result in fabric break.

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