Understanding the European Union's External Relations by MICHELE KNODT, SEBASTIAAN PRINCEN


The ecu Union is without doubt one of the world's greatest economies. although, its function as a global actor is ambiguous and it is not consistently in a position to rework its political energy into powerful exterior rules. the advance of an 'assertive' eu Union demanding situations similar to an inner undertaking aimed toward fiscal integration and diplomacy theories in accordance with unitary nation actors. This publication systematically hyperlinks the EU's exterior family members to latest political theories, displaying how current theories must be converted with the intention to take care of particular features of the european as a world actor.

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Understanding the European Union's External Relations

The eu Union is among the world's largest economies. in spite of the fact that, its position as a world actor is ambiguous and it is not continually capable of rework its political strength into powerful exterior guidelines. the improvement of an 'assertive' eu Union demanding situations a twin of an inner undertaking geared toward fiscal integration and diplomacy theories in accordance with unitary kingdom actors.

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Howorth 2000). Combined, the disunity in this core of Western Europe along with a stringent US focus on global terrorism will incite most European states to balance between ‘ordinary great national power’ and ‘self-indulgence in self-absorption,’ as Stanley Hoffmann once noted in relation to a united Germany (1995:298). Institutions, policy and resources Why bother to analyse EU policy and resources if the underlying political cohesion is absent? Indeed, why even question that cohesion is a problem?

Posen 1984; Rosecrance and Stein 1993). 5 It should be emphasized that ‘strategic’ here, with reference to the literature of strategic studies, refers to an actor capable of using military force in its external action. Some people use the concept of ‘strategy’ to refer to rational-instrumental behaviour, as when an actor applies means to obtain a goal, and ‘communities’—as I define them here—can thus be thought of as strategic. However, as noted, ‘strategic’ in this analysis refers to action involving military means as an instrument of coercion (whether applied or threatened).

Neyer, J. (1995) ‘Globaler Markt und territorialer Staat. Konturen eines wachsenden Antagonismus’, in Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen, 2, 2:287–315. Ostrom, V. ) Polycentricity and Local Public Economies. Readings from the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press: 52–74. , Tiebout, C. and Warren, R. (1961) ‘The Organization of Government in Metropolitan Areas: A Theoretical Inquiry’, American Political Science Review, 55: 831–842. A. (1997) ‘Agricultural Policy Reform in the European Community: A ThreeLevel Game Analysis’, International Organization, 51, 1:135–165.

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