The Ottoman Empire and Its Heritage, an Ottoman Mentality: by Robert Dankoff

By Robert Dankoff

In his large shuttle account, Evliya Celebi presents fabrics for purchasing at Ottoman perceptions of the realm, not just in parts like geography, topography, management, city associations, and social and monetary platforms, but in addition in such domain names as faith, folklore, sexual family members, dream interpretation, and conceptions of the self. In six chapters the writer examines: Evliya's therapy of Istanbul and Cairo because the capital towns of the Ottoman global; his geographical horizons and notions of tolerance; his attitudes towards executive, justice and particular Ottoman associations; his social prestige as gentleman, personality style as dervish, workplace as caller-to-prayer and avocation as traveler; his use of varied narrative kinds; and his relation together with his viewers within the registers of persuasion and enjoyment. An Afterword situates Evliya in terms of different highbrow tendencies within the Ottoman international of the 17th century.

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22 chapter one Next, in his ancestral town of Kütahya, he acts as the mütevelli or supervisor of the (evkaf of ) the mosque of his forefather Kara Mustafa Beg, and makes some repairs. 17 Evliya once mentions a grandmother—presumably his father’s mother—as the source of his interest in numismatics (on which, see Servitor of the Sultan: Ottoman Pride). She possessed a collection of quarter-dirhem pieces that were minted in Gallipoli under Murad I. ” I have only found one other reference to a brother, named Mahmud, mentioned in connection with “our house” in the Eyne-beg quarter of Bursa.

Sultan Ahmed: VI 47a26. Date of birth: I 59a2. ”30 It is not until ch. 55 (or so) of Book I that we learn his birth date. Elsewhere in Book I, and in the other books as well, we learn quite a few details about his life in the metropolis before the wanderlust took over. Evliya relates quite a bit about his early years, some of which must have been family tradition: When I was born, the late Sun'ullah Efendi was in our house and he recited the call to prayer in my ear in a loud voice. ”31 That night seventy pious men gathered in our house.

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