The Last Viking by Sandra Hill

By Sandra Hill

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Truly, the woman could use a lesson or two—or fifty—in being biddable. "As I was relating before your interruption, my brother Magnum's birth-patron is Frey, the god of fertility and prosperity. " Merry-Death commented, as if that were the most important of all the facts he'd imparted. " He waved a hand airily. "Then there is my brother Jorund, whose patron is Thor, the god of war. " He inhaled deeply at the sudden unhappy thought of possibly never seeing them again. Then he went on brusquely, "And my father dedicated me to Odin, the god of learning.

I am so tired and weary of the struggle. Thaw the frost that threatens to freeze my soul, Merry-Death. Please. " She nodded, unable to speak over the lump in her throat. Slowly she lowered her head, and, with her left hand still resting over his heart, she pressed her lips to his. Soft against firm. Warm against cold. He was so frozen and stiff, like death. But she would restore him, she vowed. It was a decidedly unerotic kiss, meant to convey only caring. And, yet, it was extremely erotic, as evidenced by Rolf's quick indrawn hiss.

He would," Rolf contended. " Meredith sputtered at that crudity. "Hi, Ms. Foster," Amy Zapalski and Joleen Frank mooned in unison, halting whatever tirade she would have come up with for the coarse Viking. The girls' eyes were glued on Rolf's bulging biceps and tight buns, highlighted when he bent down to pick up a quarter he'd dropped. Then their observation moved on to the items he was purchasing. The girls glanced from Rolf to her to the garments, and giggled. Meredith cringed. She just knew the rumors would be flying around campus by morning.

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