The Egyptian Strategy for the Yom Kippur War: An Analysis by Dani Asher, Moshe Tlamim

By Dani Asher, Moshe Tlamim

This quantity examines the army approach and concerns that Egyptian struggle planners confronted through the 1973 Yom Kippur struggle. Of significant curiosity is the connection among the political and armed forces leaders and the way that affected the accumulation and process the clash. Taking this as a beginning, the writer concentrates on how Soviet army doctrinal adjustments provided themselves among the realization of the Six-Day warfare and the Yom Kippur conflict.

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According to the IDF’s combat doctrine, the basic tactic for defeating the enemy is the offensive, especially in a surprise attack. The offensive’s goal is to destroy the enemy’s forces and capture vital territory and facilities deep in his territory. The Egyptians analyzed the IDF’s ORBAT on the front and noted two main operative groups, each of which included a formation made up of a number of brigades augmented with artillery. During the war the Egyptians had been caught off guard by the IDF’s penetration into areas least expected — areas where the terrain was difficult — and by the IDF’s exploitation of nighttime conditions for penetrating Egyptian defense lines.

In addition to daily observations, they sent deep penetration patrols across the canal to collect information on the enemy’s deployment and layout. This stage was primarily geared to keeping the line stable and quiet so that the Egyptian army could channel its main effort and resources to rebuilding itself and completing its fortifications. This stage continued until August 1968, when the friction on the line increased and the Egyptians shifted to the stage of active defense. Along with the routine defense activity of fortifying the canal front, a series of shooting incidents broke out.

The Egyptians made repeated raids on the canal front, with the express aim of killing and capturing IDF troops. In a naval commando action on February 6, the Egyptians damaged Israeli vessels in the Port of Eilat. Throughout this period ground activity continued with massive use of artillery. On May 30 the Egyptians ambushed Israeli patrols twice 32 The Egyptian Strategy for the Yom Kippur War on the same day, killing thirteen, wounding four, and capturing two. In response, the IDF’s “Shaked” reconnaissance unit struck on June 11, assaulting Egyptian fortifications north of Kantara.

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