The Arab-Israeli Conflict by Tony McAleavy

By Tony McAleavy

Tony McAleavy lines the complicated heritage of the trendy clash among Arabs and Jews from precedent days to the current day. This booklet explores the increase of Zionism, the persecution of the Jews, the production of the nation of Israel and its influence at the Palestinian humans. It additionally assesses the character of the clash within the moment half the 20 th century; the increase of the PLO, the wars among the Arabs and Israelis, the function of the superpowers and the new makes an attempt to accomplish a relaxed cost.

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Religious Jews also have their own political parties, the largest being the National Religious Party. The strength of these parties has increased recently. In May 1 996 a record 24 representatives of religious parties were elected to the Israeli Knesset. The election system in Israel means that the big parties - Labour and Likud ­ usually need the support ofthe religious parties to form a government. Yitzhak Shamir. As Likud prime minister he supported jewish settlers on the West Bank. The National Religious Party was allied to Labour for much ofthe · period 1 948-77.

SOURCE A A socialist poster from the 1930s contrasts the honest left-wing worker with the idle right-wing rich man. Statements made by }abotinsky in the early 1920s: What is needed is an i ro n wall of a rmed force. ' Every people has fo u ght i m m i gration a n d settle m e nt by fore igners. There was n o m i s u n d e rsta n d i n g betwee n J ew a n d The divisions within the Jewish community increased after the riots of 1 929. In 1 93 1 followers of Jabotinsky left the main Jewish militia, the Haganah, and founded a new militant defence force, the Irgun.

Recognize I s ra e l. We stic k to the origi n a l principles of Fata h . J ud a ism is a re ligion, n ot a n i n d ependent n atio n a lity. W e a re c o m m itted to co nti n u i n g the a r m e d struggle because Th e Arab Pa lesti n i a n people reject all solutions exce pt the tota l liberatio n of Palestine. we b e lieve that I s ra e l can n ever be a partner fo r peace. Arafat believes that he can achieve a po litical settle m e nt and that req u i res us to a ba n d o n a part of Palesti n e .

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