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By Thompson Laurence

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Nowr" he said to the girl. "Close your eyes. Try to rememberthe man you saw on the staircase. Now open your eyes. " "That's him," she said unhesitatingly,pointing to the man with the cleft palate. Lucka Or the skill of a brilliant organization? The old gentlemanstared a ) | r 1 l < q ) ( + : a) \ s Q : ) ! - i . - ! \3 \ S : ( . aJ \ : L J : q) Q : aJ ,-s : s . 3 o h \s + O o H 2 . John Iownsend, a famous Row Slreetrunner. Tbe runners,or "Robin Redbreasts"--socalledbecauseo[ Ibeir scarlet LL)distcoats-formed London's frst band of orqanized,regular poltce.

The ThamesDivision, Mounted Branchand the rest, must servehis time on the beat, and climb the ladder of promotionrung by rung. A hundred and twenty years ago/ no training was considerednecessaryfor Sir Robert Peel's bobbies. In thosedays the policeman The Mqn in Blue had only to think at the 2Vz miles an hour of his majesticfoot patrol. Now he has to think at 40,50, 80 miles an hour in a fast and powerful car, handle radios and teleprinters,have some idea what clues may be useful to the laboratory scientistswith his spectrograph,blood tests and ultra-violet ray lamp.

Waiting for that tiny addition which may come any day, any year, and which will hang him at last. "A" for Administration deals with complaints,donationsto police charities, fortune telling, movementsof Royalty, ceremonial functions,decorationsand awards,the telephonebox system/ shorthand tests, discipline, the Mounted Branch,and the women police. "8" for Traffic and Transport runs the Public CarriageOffice, the Lost Property Office, examinesthe causesof accidents, arrangesparking places, and seesin general that London doesnot strangleitself utterly in the noose of its huge traffic problem.

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