Solder Paste in Electronics Packaging: Technology and by Jennie Hwang

By Jennie Hwang

One of the most powerful traits within the layout and manufacture of recent electronics programs and assemblies is the usage of floor mount know-how as an alternative for through-hole tech­ nology. The mounting of digital units and parts onto the skin of a published wiring board or different substrate deals many merits over putting the leads of units or elements into holes. From the engineering point of view, a lot greater lead counts with shorter twine and interconnection lengths may be accommo­ dated. this can be severe in excessive functionality glossy electronics packaging. From the producing standpoint, the applying of computerized meeting and robotics is far extra adaptable to excessive lead count number floor fastened units and parts. certainly, the insertion of excessive lead count number elements into advantageous holes on a substrate may possibly frequently be approximately very unlikely. but, regardless of those floor mounting benefits, the usage of floor mount know-how is usually a challenge, essentially because of soldering difficulties. the main functional soldering equipment use solder pastes, whose intricacies are often now not understood via so much of these curious about the engineering and manufacture of electronics assemblies. This book is the 1st ebook committed solely to motives of the vast mix of the chemical, metallurgical, and rheological ideas which are serious to the winning use of solder pastes. The severe relation­ ships among those features are essentially defined and pre­ sented. during this very good presentation, Dr. Hwang highlights 3 impor­ tant components of solder paste technology.

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8 compares the weight difference between surface mount chip carriers and the equivalent DIPs for different lead counts, showing drastic weight reduction in surface mount package for all lead counts. 9 illustrates the propagation delays among different device packages. L.. 3 PACKAGE PROPAGATION DELAY (ns) Figure 1. 9 Comparison of propagation delays among packages. 5 SURFACE MOUNT TECHNOLOGY MARKET After a period oflearning and development in every aspect of surface mount assembly process through the efforts of pioneers and followers, the feasibility of surface mounting has been proved, and tangible successes are evidenced.

1 for the expected growth of surface mount passive components. With respect to major devices/components, the growth of worldwide surface mount consumption is expected to continue into the 1990s for every type of component, including integrated circuits (IC), transistors, diodes, resistors, and capacitors. The significant growth of surface mount packages in all devices is consistent with the predicted growth of surface mount board assemblies. 11. 6 SURFACE MOUNT COMPONENTS Due to the inherent difference between surface mount technology and conventional through-hole assembling in soldering, cleaning, and handling, components used for most surface mounting processes are subjected to more severe conditions with respect to temperature, heat exposure time, and chemical exposure.

Alberto Socolovsky, Electronic Business (Jan. 1988): 72. 7. "Introduction to Surface Mount Technology" (Texas Instruments Incorporated, 1984). 8. Integrated Circuit Engineering, Scottsdale, Arizona. 9. ANSI/IPC-SM-782, Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits. 10. Peter Naumchik. Signctics Corporation, Sunnyvale, California. CHAPTER 2 Interdisciplinary Approach Solder paste is simple and plain in appearance, yet its fundamentals are broad and complex. It can be well understood only with an interdisciplinary approach.

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