Science, Marxism and the Big Bang: a Critical Review of by Peter Mason

By Peter Mason

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Reason in Revolt, p199) Woods argues that the temple shrine in this citadel of mysticism is the Big Bang theory. Has science been set back 400 years? These are absurd claims. Most scientists are not practising mystics but in many respects salaried workers, of whose work Woods approves and disapproves arbitrarily. "Fortunately," says Woods, "it is possible to work out quite accurately the amount of matter in the observable universe. " (Reason in Revolt, p191) How is it possible? Who did the science?

Science continually uncovers as yet unknown physical processes. If something appears to spring from nothing, it 46 Science, Marxism and the Big Bang A Critical Review of 'Reason in Revolt' Science, Marxism and the Big Bang A Critical Review of 'Reason in Revolt' 47 indicates that there are limits to our scientific understanding, an understanding that does not encompass all aspects of reality. Marxists cannot take the crude approach exemplified by Reason in Revolt. " (Reason in Revolt, p60) This is not true in any sense, let alone in the last analysis.

Then he entered into the equations the newly discovered enigmatic properties of the constant speed of light. The result was a new theoretical understanding of the physical nature of time and space. While many aspects of Einstein s special theory of relativity were soon proven, it was thirty-six years before the first experiment (1941) that measured time dilation , and sixty-six years before the definitive experiment (1971) which we discussed in the chapter, Galileo and the relativity of space. Einstein had shown that time on a moving train passes more slowly than time on the embankment, just as the Lorenz transformation seemed to imply.

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