Our Sacred Land: Voices of The Palestine-Israeli Conflict by Kenize Mourad

By Kenize Mourad

In 2002 celebrated novelist and journalist Kenize Mourad traveled via Israel and the occupied territories of the West financial institution and Gaza Strip, interviewing traditional Palestinians and Israelis who've been terribly contact by way of the clash among their peoples. This e-book tells their tales.

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In my view we mustn’t rush things. All Palestinians need to be re-educated, so that they understand that the Jews are in their own home. We can live together if they understand that the Israelis are the dominant party and they the tolerated party. Let’s be serious. They cannot have an independent country. Do you see their planes flying over us, do you see us letting them make agreements with other countries such as Iraq, or pumping water from us? No Israeli, left-wing or rightwing, with or without the kippa, could accept that!

And then, permits to travel or to build a house were almost always refused. The slightest protest incurred severe repression. Political parties were of course banned and even the word ‘Palestinian’ was forbidden; we were Arabs, with Israeli identity cards! ” He pauses, clenches his long white hands and then, after a prolonged silence, speaks again. “I will give you a personal example. My elder brother was imprisoned twice. The first time, he was 20 years old. It was in summer and he had come back from an Arab country from which he had got a grant to study chemical engineering.

He was a quiet boy who had never wanted to join a political party. The Israelis presumed that because he was a Palestinian studying in an enemy Arab country he must belong to an organisation. “At two o’clock in the morning they came to arrest him. We didn’t know what prison he was being held in. We looked for him everywhere, getting sent from office to office, not being given the smallest clue. Finally, thanks to the Red Cross, we learnt that he was in Jerusalem, in Moscobyia prison, in the centre of town.

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