Naval Wars in the Baltic during Sailing-Ship Epoch 1522-1850 by R.C.Anderson

By R.C.Anderson

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His intention was to return next year at the head of sufficient forces to reconquer his Northern Kingdom, but this plan was never executed, and as a matter of fact he never set foot in Sweden again. With the aid of the fleet Duke Karl soon recovered Stockholm, and then began operations against Kalmar, Sigismund's last foothold in Sweden. fleet of seventeen shipsll was at sea under Scheel, and several of those were sent under Captain Hans Persson to blockade Kalmar and co-operate with the besieging army.

Possibly have been Gyllenstjerna's fleet for the attack on Elfsborg, but Bjelkenstjerna met none of them, and returned to Elfsnabben, where he wintered with five ships. * During June Bjelkenstjerna cruised in the Western Baltic, but in July he was ordered to bring five ships to Elfsnabben, leaving Gottberg in Kalmar Sound with the rest. On July 31st, reinforced by ships from Stockholm, Bjelkenstjerna left Elfsnabben with the Duke and his army, and on August 9th landed them at Revel, which had come over to the winning side, together with the rest of Esthonia.

At the end of 1627 the Duke of Pomerania had agreed to allow Imperial garrisons in his dominions. Arnim proposed to Stralsund that it should pay a large sum as an alternative to supporting a garrison. The city refused. Arnim decided to compel acquiescence, and on May 13th, 1628, the siege began. In the meantime the Danish fleet had been active. squadron of eight ships , under Pros Mundt was at sea in February; it cruised off the coast of Mecklenburg, and captured or destroyed many small Imperial ships.

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