Introduction to microlocal analysis by Masaki Kashiwara

By Masaki Kashiwara

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0 s+1 -s-1/2 s+2 n - 2s - 4/2 b f(s) = f (s +j). i=1 s+n -ns-n2/2 Here O means a good Lagrangean which is the conormal bundle to an a-codimensional submanifold. O-O means that the two corresponding good Lagrangeans have a good intersection. 2. The polynomial attached to the circle is the order of f'. (ii) X = C", f (X) = x j + ... + x 0 OO S+1 - s - 1/2 s + n/2 ( -2s-n/2 (iii) X = C3 f = x2y + ZZ b(s) = (s + 1) (s + n/2) - 36 0 - s - 1/2 (2s + 2) (2s + 3) -3s-2 br(s) = (s + 1)2(s + 3/2) 37 REFERENCES [Be] [Bj] [D] [G] [H] [M] BERNSTEIN, I.

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