From topology to verbal aspect: Strategic construal of in by Renata Geld

By Renata Geld

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Some containers, for example, enclose by grasping or wrapping, and their relation to the contained varies in terms of how stationary/active they tend to be. Canonical containers are objects like boxes or jars that are stationary and with stable shapes. Less canonical containers, such as socks or canvas bags, involve both entry and active enveloping. Finally, there are objects that are not intrinsic containers, and they contain by bending or closing in on the object. Such active enclosing might be represented as in Figure 6.

27 This view of language acquisition is shared by various constructivists, for example connectionists (Plunkett 1998; Christiansen, Chater and Seidenberg 1999; Christiansen and Chater 2001), functional linguists (Bates and MacWhinney 1981; MacWhinney and Bates 1989), emergentists (Elman, Bates, Johnson, Karmiloff- Smith, Parisi, and Plunkett 1996), cognitive linguists (Lakoff 1987, Langacker 1987, 1991; Ungerer and Schmidt 1996, Croft and Cruse 2004), constructivist child language researchers (Tomasello 1992, 1995, 2000; Slobin 1997) and many others.

For example, the bird in the field can describe a bird flying over the field, in case it does not fly too high. In other words, certain vertical distances are simply negligible, which is again an instance of previously mentioned approximation. : 129). It is in accordance with the fundamental cognitive linguistic premise about the subjectivity of meaning, 40 which is grounded in and results from our knowledge of the world. We know that certain situations and certain state of affairs are ordinary or “normal”, and that there are others where normal conditions do not hold.

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