Exit left : markets and mobility in Republican thought by Robert S. Taylor

By Robert S. Taylor

How can voters top defend themselves from the arbitrary energy of abusive spouses, tyrannical bosses, and corrupt politicians? 'Exit Left' makes the case that during every one of those 3 spheres the answer's an analogous: go out. by way of selling open and aggressive markets and offering the data and fiscal assets essential to permit go out, the e-book argues that this may empower people's voices and supply them an Read more...


This ebook advances an fiscal version of latest republicanism that's ideologically centre-left. Read more...

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Domination by the majority or by other, more powerful minorities). Fortunately, there are available policies that not only respect such equal associational rights but also safeguard “minorities within minorities” (Eisenberg and SpinnerHalev 2005). For example, reasonable requirements for civic education during childhood can inform these women of their rights and make them aware of the existence of, and the opportunities in, the larger society (Rawls 1993, 199–200); additionally, the kinds of government services and income transfers discussed below can limit coercion and offer means of escape.

He identifies “three dangers” that may lead to such domination: The first is the danger of elected politicians usurping the influence of the people under motives of self-interest. The second is the danger of private lobbies usurping that influence out of a desire to push government in a direction that does not necessarily have popular support. And the third is the danger that unelected authorities . . might gain a hold over government policy that is not sensitive to popular demands. (2012, 231–8, here 231) The first two dangers will be familiar to students of public-choice economics: legislators, in their pursuit of winning electoral coalitions and/or bribes, will do the bidding of factions instead of the general public, commonly by passing EXIT , VOICE , AND CREDIBILITY  inefficient laws that have concentrated benefits but diffuse costs, such as protective tariffs, agricultural subsidies, and tax breaks (2012, 232–5; cf.

Therein lies the rub, however. The danger of directly empowering voice is not necessarily decreased by replacing state power with non-state (here, union) power: fighting fire with fire still risks burning all involved. This fact is apparently why Pettit dislikes what he calls the “reciprocal power” strategy for minimizing domination, which involves countering private power with more private power (1997, 67–8). Pettit’s understandable concern with this kind of solution is that by it “arbitrary interference and domination may be reduced, but it is not ever going to be eliminated,” because the residual mutual interference involved fails to “track the interests and ideas of those who are affected” (67).

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