English for Cabin Crew: Teacher's Guide by Terence Gerihty

By Terence Gerihty

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Use mime to show meaning. EX ERCISE 2 Speaking The aim here is to get students talking about their personal experiences. Give students time to read through the questions and think of responses. Ask them to discuss their responses in pairs or small groups. After a few minutes, get one student from each pair or group to briefly summarize the main points of their discussion. Pre-teaching vocabulary Check the following phrases: aborting the take-off (suddenly stopping it); swerving from side to side (moving uncontrollably); white knuckles (when the joints in the middle of your fingers go white because of fear); jerking from side to side (moving uncontrollably and in a bumpy, violent way); dart out of a seat (jump and run quickly from a seat); impeding passengers (blocking them and slowing them down).

See notes below). Language notes The form used here is: tell someone (not) to do something Note the changes from imperative to reported instruction: Prepare to ... He told them to prepare to ... Don’t worry. He told them not to worry. You could provide practice of forming reported instructions by asking students to change the sentences in the Language focus boxes in the two previous lessons into reported instructions. 30 Ask students to work in small groups to make up a story about another miraculous escape.

Get feedback in open class. Pre-teaching vocabulary Check designated (specially selected). EX ERCISE 2 Listening Give students time to read the situation and the questions. Then ask them to work in pairs to make predictions. Get feedback in open class and find out what students think. Play the recording. Ask students to listen and compare answers. Let students check their answers in pairs before getting feedback in open class. EX ERCISE 3 Listening Ask students to read the text and remember or guess as many missing words as they can.

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