Electronic Circuit Analysis, Second Edition by Kishore, K. Lal

By Kishore, K. Lal

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24 Common drain amplifier circuit + Fig. 25 Equivalent circuit KVl Vin - Vgs = Vo Vo = Rs' . 2 [I + Rs'gml = Rs'gm Vin Rs' gm l+Rs' gm Common Gate Amplifier Small signal equivalent of Fig. 26. +VDD -Vss Fig. 26 Common Gate Amplifier 12 Electronic Circuit Analysis S -r-----r----I D + + G Fig. 27 (a) Equivalent circuit Vo=-iDRD -i D = 0- om V + Vds gs rd JFET amplifier has very small gate leakage current. G - S junction is a reverse biased P - N junction. In the ideal case, IG = O. : IG = 0). e, G - S junction is reverse biased.

I E Fig. 23 Simplified circuit of Fig. 1 KQ, hrc = 1, hfc = -51, hoc = 2S /lA/v. Calculate AI' Av, Aw Ri, and Ro for the Common <:ollector Configuration, with Rs= RL = 10K. 1 x 103 + i x 40 . 1 KQ AI·R L Av = R. 625 x 10-3 Electronic Circuit Analysis 20 Av= AI·R L R. 5 For a Common Emitter Configuration, what is the maximum value of RL for which R\ differs by no1 more than 10% of its value at ~2 = 0 ? hfe = 50 hie = 1100n; h re = 250 x 10--4; hoe = 25Jl A/v Solution: Expression for ~ is, hfe·h re h 1 oe +RL If R2 = 0, RI = hIe.

1 15. Common Base configuration 16. Common Collector Configuration 17. Voltatge follower/buffer UNIT - 2 Multistage Amplifiers In this Unit, • Cascading of single stage amplifiers is discussed. • Expressions for overall voltage gain are derived. • Lower cut-off frequency, upper cut-off frequency, when n-stages are cascaded are given. • Phase response of an amplifier, decibel voltage gain, stiff coupling terms are explained. • Other types of transistor circuits, Darlington pair circuits, Boot strapped sweep circuit, Cascode amplifiers are also discussed.

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