Creating and Animating the Virtual World by David R. Haumann, Jessica K. Hodgins (auth.), Prof. Nadia

By David R. Haumann, Jessica K. Hodgins (auth.), Prof. Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, Prof. Daniel Thalmann (eds.)

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While bolio identifies additional binary data structure files, NPSOFF remains completely ASCII. The product development at NPS is almost exclusively experimental research and it was felt that a 100% human readable file format was needed during platform prototyping. When the final project design has been accepted, each NPSOFF file can be converted into binary to reduce I/O. While bolio has demonstrated exceptional realism with the constraint-based movement of afew articulated bodies, the NPSOFF and the NPS simulation network (NPSNET) programs have been more concerned with the realtime animation of a legion of 3D icons (Zyda 1991c).

Time). These functions can exist in one of many control states such as position or dynamics control, frozen or relaxed. The control functions are cubic spline curves delineated by control points maintained in an ASCII file format. 3 Notion Additional motion control work by Jane Wilhelm's group describes a technique that allows a user to depict an object's behavior based on internal sensors (provocation detectors), effectors (propulsion mechanisms) and mappings (connections and nodes) between them (Wilhelms 1990).

The resultant "constraint" forces determine the object's motion. Rather than construct "constraining" forces, we are more interested in specifying "controlling" forces, similar to Barzel/Barr's use of external forces to guide objects prior to constraint initiation. This paper describes an approach for enhancements to NPSOFF which bestows an object with physical characteristics and provides mechanisms to govern the object's motion given a list of known internal and external forces acting on the object.

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