Atlantis, The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly

By Ignatius Donnelly

Атлантида, мир до потопа — книга американского политика Игнатиуса Лойолы Доннелли, опубликованная в 1882 году. Доннелли считал сообщения Платона об Атлантиде описанием действительно существовавшей цивилизации, и пытался доказать, что все прочие древние цивилизации Земли произошли от атлантической. Книга стала чрезвычайно популярной (только к 1890 г. было предпринято 23 издания[1], а к 1949 г. — 50) и легла в основу суждений об Атлантиде в трудах Джеймса Чёрчварда, использовалась в рассуждениях об Атлантиде Е. П. Блаватской и Р. Штейнера[2]. На рассуждения Доннелли об общности древних культур Старого и Нового света оказали влияние эксцентрические теории Ш. Э. Брассёр де Бурбура и О. Ле-Плонжона.

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We find it in the hands of Hindoo gods, and at the base of all the religious beliefs of antiquity. "Among the numerals the sacred three has ever been considered the mark of perfection, and was therefore exclusively ascribed to the Supreme Deity, or to its earthly representative - a king, emperor, or any sovereign. " (Dr. Arthur Schott, "Smith. ," 1869, p. " In the same manner the ten kingdoms of Atlantis are perpetuated in all the ancient traditions. "In the number given by the Bible for the Antediluvian patriarchs we have the first instance of a striking agreement with the traditions of various nations.

This scene," says Lyell ("Principles of Geology," p. " We give from Lyell's great work the following curious pictures of the appearance of the Fort of Sindree before and after the inundation. FORT OF SINDEE, ON THE EASTERN BRANCH OF THE INDUS, BEFORE IT WAS SUBMERGED BY THE EARTHQUAKE OF 1819. In April, 1815, one of the most frightful eruptions recorded in history occurred in the province of Tomboro, in the island of Sumbawa, about two hundred miles from the eastern extremity of Java. It lasted from April 5th to July of that year; but was most violent on the 11th and 12th of July.

A recent examination of these islands shows that the whole mass of Santorin has sunk, since its projection from the sea, over 1200 feet. The fort and village of Sindree, on the eastern arm of the Indus, above Luckput, was submerged in 1819 by an earthquake, together with a tract of country 2000 square miles in extent. "In 1828 Sir A. Burnes went in a boat to the ruins of Sindree, where a single remaining tower was seen in the midst of a wide expanse of sea. The tops of the ruined walls still rose two or three feet above the level of the water; and, standing on one of these, he could behold nothing in the horizon but water, except in one direction, where a blue streak of land to the north indicated the Ullah Bund.

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