Army Field Manual FM 31-70 (Basic Cold Weather Manual) by The United States Army

By The United States Army

"This guide is designed to arrange the person soldier and small unit commander to behavior army operations for prolonged sessions of time less than the main serious and ranging chilly climate weather conditions. The doctrine and strategies within the guide are appropriate in any region that has chilly climate and snow with their accompanying operational difficulties. Troops effectively educated during this doctrine and those concepts might be in a position to struggle; dwell; and circulation in any chilly climate region of the world."-From the advent.

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A shelter should always provide adequate protection from the elements, retain heat, have suitable ventilation, and provide drying facilities. 3-14. Poncho Shelters A poncho is a part of an individual’s uniform. It is a multipurpose piece of equipment that may be used as a rain garment, a waterproof bedcover, a ground sheet, or a shelter. The simplest type of shelter can be made by merely pulling the poncho over the sleeping bag. For additional comfort, various types of shelters and lean-tos may be made by attaching ponchos to trees, tree branches or poles.

B. To improve ventilation, a draft channel AGO 8641A may be constructed by forming a pipe with green logs (fig. 3-7). The channel is buried in the floor and has an opening under the stove. The draft of the stove draws fresh air from outside the tent into the channel. 2LOA h ErOe2 • roM o DbVL %—• \o 3-8. Heating Tents with Stove, Yukon, Ml950, 60,000 BTU a. General. The Yukon stove (1, fig. 3-8) is used to heat the 10-man, 5-man, and GP Small tents. In addition to providing heat, the top surface of the stove and, to a small degree, the area beneath the stove, may be used to cook rations or heat water.

Perspiration will soil a sleeping bag, and cause it to become damp, therefore, the bag should be aired as frequently as possible. In the morning, the bag should be opened -wide and air pumped in and out to remove the moist air within the bag. f. Teeth should be cleaned daily. If a toothbrush is not available, a clean piece of gauze or other cloth wrapped around the finger, or end of a twig chewed into a pulp may be used in lieu of a toothbrush. g. Underwear and shirts should be changed at least twice weekly; however, if it is not possible to wash the clothing this often the clothing should be crumpled, shaken out, and aired for about 2 hours.

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