A World of Whosy making? Study Guide 2 by Kelly B., Brown W., Potterton E.

By Kelly B., Brown W., Potterton E.

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The Planes the Axis Flew in World War II

Textual content, with accompanying pictures, describes some of the varieties of airplanes utilized by the Axis powers in the course of international conflict II.

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Week 30 In this week you will study: n Chapter 14: ‘Characterizing international order’ (8 hours) Chapter 14: ‘Characterizing international order’ This chapter begins with some general comments on the usefulness of models of international order and identifies some of the ways in which they can be assessed and compared. It then goes through each of four mainstream models of international order: realism, liberalism, constructivism and Marxism. You have come across aspects of all of these already and the chapter is careful to identify the key chapters from Parts 1 to 3 where the core ideas of each have been raised.

N Don’t be overly constrained by models – they are not straight jackets but tools to be used. What combinations of models and theories might you draw on to answer a particular question? Study Guide 2 Learning outcomes for Part 4 At the end of Part 4 you should be able to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of: n The relevance of questions about international order and the ways in which these can be addressed. n The key features of realist, liberal, constructivist and Marxist models of international order.

Sent the essay to the correct person on time? Addressed and stamped the acknowledgement postcard? 52 Tick when complete Study Guide 2 Web Activity 6 We presume that you now have completed Steps 1 and 2 above and are engaged in Step 3, gathering together material for the essay. As discussed, the Course Essay requires you to use sources from outside of the course materials. Web Activity 6 is organized around you doing some more work on obtaining non-course materials. Indeed, there are some six hours of study time allocated to this activity, so by completing it you should have made some serious in-roads into accessing the additional material you will use for your Course Essay.

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