A Tree in a Forest: A Collection of Ajahn Chah's Similes by Dhamma Garden Translation Group (ed.)

By Dhamma Garden Translation Group (ed.)

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If we had right view, we would see that the water must flow downhill. Until we realize and accept this fact, we will always be agitated and never find peace of mind. e river that must flow downhill is like our body. It passes through youth, old age and finally dies. Don’t let us go wishing it were otherwise. It’s not something we have the power to remedy. Don’t go against the stream! R Wherever you are, know yourself by being natural and watchful. If doubts arise, let them come and go. When you meet defilements, just see them and overcome them by letting go of them.

O In the end, people become neurotic. Why? Because they don’t know. ey just follow their moods and don’t know how to look after their own minds. When the mind has no one to look after it, it’s like a child without a mother or a father to take care of him. An orphan has no refuge and, without a refuge, he is very insecure. 50 Likewise, if the mind is not looked after, if there is no training or maturation of character with right understanding, it’s really troublesome. O C Suppose we had a cart, and an ox to pull it.

E Dhamma of the Buddha is like this. Even though it’s the truth, it isn’t true for those who don’t really know it. No matter how excellent or fine it may be, it is worthless to them. T B Read yourself, not books. Truth isn’t outside. at’s only memory, not wisdom. Memory without wisdom is like an empty thermos bottle — if you don’t fill it, it’s useless. T M A man comes walking along a road. He is very thirsty from his journey and is craving for a drink of water. He stops at a place beside the road and asks for a drink.

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